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Recently, Xinhua News Agency published the article "Breaking Barriers, Protecting Rights, and Focusing on Development-Industry Insiders Hotly Discussing "Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Sports and Education to Promote the Healthy Development of Adolescents"", interviewed a number of professionals, hotly talking about the integration of sports and education Reform and other topics.


The State Sports General Administration and the Ministry of Education have recently jointly issued the "Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Sports and Education to Promote the Healthy Development of Adolescents" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"). The "Opinions" involved hot topics such as "sports entering the middle school and college entrance examination", "sports school reform" and other social hot topics. "Strong pertinence" and "Break through the bottleneck" are comments frequently heard by reporters during interviews. "Looking for landing" and "Expanding the future" have become common aspirations.

国家体育总局和教育部近日联合发布了《关于深化体育教育一体化促进青少年健康发展的若干意见》(以下简称《意见》)。 《意见》涉及“体育进入中学,高考”,“体育学校改革”等社会热点话题。记者在采访中经常听到“强烈的针对性”和“突破瓶颈”的评论。 “寻找着陆”和“扩大未来”已成为人们的共同愿望。

According to the "Opinions", the two departments will work together to deeply integrate the teaching system, training system, competition system and other aspects, and rationally optimize the resources of all parties. One of the highlights of the "Breaking the Wall" of the "Opinions" is to merge the sports traditional sports school in the sports department with the sports special school in the education department to become a sports traditional school.

根据《意见》,两部门将共同努力,深化教学体系,培训体系,竞赛体系等方面的整合,合理优化各方资源。 《意见》“破墙”的亮点之一是将体育部门的体育传统学校与教育部门的体育特殊学校合并,成为体育传统学校。

In this regard, Han Dongqing, principal of Shenzhen Cuiyuan Middle School, feels deeply: “Schools for specialty programs still have to be relatively concentrated. If sports talents are scattered in too many schools, the selection of talents is very troublesome. Taking football as an example, there are no strong teammates in collective events. No matter how talented it is, it’s hard to play out.


As early as 2014, Cuiyuan Middle School started the "Cuiyuan Model" that combines sports and education under the operation of the football club mechanism. It has become one of the front runners in China's campus football education, but it has also faced "there is no place to use it" for a long time. There is a situation where the game cannot be played.


"One time I participated in the U series and I couldn't come back to participate in a campus football game. This time the "Opinions" mentioned that it is very good to open up the competition system of the two departments." Han Dongqing said that he hopes there will be more high-quality games in the future. .

“有一次我参加了U系列比赛,而我又回不来参加校园足球比赛了。这一次,《意见》提到开放两个部门的比赛制度是非常好的。”韩东庆说,他希望将来会有更多高质量的游戏。 。

For Li Lei, a physical education teacher at No. 121 Primary School in Urumqi, Xinjiang, the high-quality competition he is looking forward to is just around the corner.


"The principals and coaches of many of our municipal football schools are discussing plans to conduct campus league matches, but (previously) there are concerns about the mode of running the game." Li Lei said, "The document clearly proposes to encourage the organization of school games in spare time. , Organizing inter-school competitions on weekends gives us the confidence to organize competitions and can focus more on solving specific issues such as venues and referees."


In addition to breaking through the barriers between the two departments, the "Opinions" mentioned in the "Opinions" that the Ministry of Education and the State Sports General Administration jointly formulated measures such as the admission standards for social sports clubs to enter the campus, which also set up a smoother for social sports organizations and campuses. Bridge of cooperation.


"As a practitioner, I am very happy to see the "Opinion". It is a beacon." Yang Fu, general manager of Weifang Mavericks Football Club, said that the club has 73 coaches and cooperates with more than 30 elementary schools, integrating sports and education. Under the background of deepening, with policy support and the introduction of standards, the promotion of professional football education into campus activities will receive more support from schools and parents.


Whether to enter a higher school or to enter a professional team is a dilemma for many students with specialties in sports when they are in high school or even junior high school.


According to Lu Zhiyong, deputy director of the Hefei Sports Bureau, the "Opinions" put forward the research and formulation of the evaluation of students with specialties in sports, guarantees for further education, and clearly promote the construction of national teams and provincial teams to link up the construction of high-level sports teams in colleges and universities. It can effectively solve the problems of sports talents entering schools and losing talents.


"Especially for collective projects. The children had a school team in a school at the beginning, but they were scattered when they arrived in junior high school, and high schools were even more scattered. Now the sports department and the education department are jointly promoting to encourage the establishment and improvement of a'one-stop' talent system in various places. The advancement of sports talents provides a guarantee." Lu Zhiyong said.


On the premise of guaranteeing higher education, the "Opinions" also put forward higher cultural requirements for relevant sports talents. In this regard, Wang Zongping, director of the Business Research Center of Nanjing University of Science and Technology, explained: “Athletes’ learning in school does not reduce cultural requirements and takes supplementary lessons to extend school hours. This is in line with international standards. In the past, athletes participated in competitions. Athletes convert their athletic performance into credits at school. Now that the “not lowering academic standards” in the document requires student athletes to meet the same academic requirements as other students in order to achieve better cultural accumulation."


The "Opinions" also put forward exact safeguards for the rights and interests of another major subject of the integration of sports and education-physical education teachers in terms of training mechanism and treatment.


Li Bin, a physical education teacher at Baotou Railway Experimental Primary School in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, said that the physical education teachers in the school basically have 15 physical education classes a week, and the more can reach 18. If you include the school team training on weekdays, the class hours are more. The Opinions puts forward practical solutions to problems such as increased burdens of physical education teachers and lack of reward mechanisms, which are "timely rain" for grassroots physical education teachers.

内蒙古自治区包头铁路实验小学的体育老师李斌说,学校的体育老师基本上每周有15个体育课,而且可以达到18个。如果包括校队,在工作日进行培训,上课时间更多。 《意见》针对体育教师负担增加,奖励机制不足等问题提出了切实可行的解决方案,这对于基层体育教师来说是“适时下雨”。

At the end of 2019, the news that Yunnan Province raised the high school entrance examination sports scores to 100 points was hotly searched. Behind the equal performance of physical education classes with "extra-linguistics", it reflects the society's importance to sports to promote the all-round development of young people and make sports the best. Gradually deepen the understanding of good education and other aspects.


The "Opinions" proposes to include physical education subjects in the scope of junior and senior high school level examinations, into the subjects for scoring in the middle school entrance examination, scientifically determine and gradually increase the scores, and initiate the use of physical literacy in college enrollment. Wang Zongping said that the most direct effect of sports entering the middle school and college entrance examination is that schools and parents pay attention to sports, which has a certain leading role, but at the same time, attention should be paid to increasing the difficulty and distinction.


"If 90% of children can get 98 points and 99 points, then there will be no motivation and distinction." Wang Zongping said.


In addition, Wang Zongping also mentioned the significance of highlighting the three major balls in the "Opinions". "Football and volleyball are collective events, which are conducive to cultivating team awareness, organizational skills, and awareness of rules compliance, highlighting having fun, improving personality, and tempering will." Wang Zongping said, "I usually say that some physical education classes are now three There is no physical education, no difficulty, no intensity, no confrontation, and these three items are precisely difficult, strong and confrontational."

此外,王宗平在《意见》中还提到了突出三大球的重要性。 “足球和排球是集体活动,有助于培养团队意识,组织能力和规则遵从意识,强调娱乐,提高个性和锻炼意志。”王宗平说:“我通常说现在一些体育课是三门课,没有体育,没有难度,没有强度,没有对抗,而这三个项目恰恰是困难,强大和对抗性的。”

In addition to the top-level design, how to make the policy "take root" in a better and faster way is also one of the focuses of everyone's attention.


Wu Gang, former deputy director of the Inner Mongolia Sports Bureau and vice chairman of the Inner Mongolia Football Association, believes that the implementation of the policy is focused on "guaranteeing physical education classes", and the premise of "guaranteeing physical education classes" is the understanding of the primary school principals and educational administrative departments. "It is recommended that the basic-level principals and the heads of the basic-level education administrative departments explain in detail the importance of relevant policies and implementation in the form of training courses. Only when they understand the ideas can they ensure that the physical education class is carried out in accordance with the quality and quantity, and there is a basis for continued development. ."

内蒙古体育局原副局长,内蒙古足协副主席吴刚认为,该政策的实施重点是“保证体育课”,而“保证体育课”的前提是对小学校长和教育行政部门的了解。 “建议基层校长和基层教育行政部门负责人以培训班的形式详细说明有关政策和实施的重要性。只有了解了这些想法,他们才能确保身体健康。教育班是按照质量和数量进行的,并且有继续发展的基础。”

Xu Zhongxiang, director of the Department of Sports, Health, and Arts of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, believes that strengthening safety management and improving the exemption mechanism are necessary conditions for the smooth implementation of the policy. “Strengthen school sports safety management, distinguish the responsible subjects, improve the emergency plan for school sports activities, and explore the introduction of third parties Institutional disposal mechanism to “untie” the school’s physical education teachers, principals and managers.”

云南省教育厅体育健康与艺术系主任徐忠祥认为,加强安全管理和完善豁免机制是顺利实施该政策的必要条件。 “加强学校体育安全管理,区分责任主体,完善学校体育活动的应急计划,并探索引入第三方机构处置机制,以“团结”学校的体育教师,校长和管理人员。”

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