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亚愽游戏网页_疫情下最尬的比赛!国家队没人看也得踢 坑苦球员
发布时间:2021-10-03 01:56:01

   In the past few days, the football world seems to be... stagnant again?


of course not. The play-offs of the European Cup qualifiers started life and death, the South American World Preliminaries kicked off, and the European League continued to have many strong dialogues. Although Melo led many big names and played many heavyweight games, but it was difficult to find enough talk on the field, it is also a bit of enthusiasm for Mbappé to pay tribute to Ronaldo after the game.


   Is the game boring? it's not true. England defeated Belgium and France drew with Portugal. These are all important events that are very informative and worthy of analysis and interpretation. In addition, other powerhouses also showed their own recent developments. But today's European League is facing a similar situation as it was two years ago: before the final semi-finals were decided in the final round, the group stage and the semi-warm-up nature determined that it was unpopular.


What's more, the adjustment of the competition system made by UEFA is actually a disservice. The original A-level league only had 3 teams in each group, and 4 of the 12 teams were relegated. The number of matches was small and compact. Like Germany and Croatia, they were relegated. Exciting again. As a result, now 12 has changed to 16, many new games are not attractive, and the safety factor of strong teams has greatly increased. Both of these two points are not accounted for.


   Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Poland, Iceland vs. Denmark, it's really hard to bring interest in such an A-level league. And no matter how the German fans complain about Loew leading the team in a mess, and even look forward to his dismissal from get out of class, you can hardly imagine that the German team will rank behind the Ukraine and Switzerland after six rounds.


   Under the special background of the epidemic, various "episodes" have also appeared on this international competition day. For example, the Czech health department agreed that the Czech team with 4 positive new crowns in the 23-man roster could not be disbanded, avoiding the recurrence of the almost temporary complete reorganization of the national team in September; 3 Ukrainian goalkeepers positive for the new crown, 45-year-old goalkeeper coach Shovko Both Wowski had to come back to fight the fire...

在这种流行病的特殊背景下,各种“情节”也出现在了这个国际比赛日。例如,捷克卫生部门同意,不能解散在23人阵容中拥有4个新正冠的捷克队,以避免国家队在9月几乎临时完全重组的情况下再次出现; 3名乌克兰守门员对新王冠表示乐观,现年45岁的守门员教练肖夫科(Shovko)沃夫斯基都必须回来扑灭大火...

   There is a considerable degree of risk inherent in cross-border matches during the epidemic, which is much more difficult to control than a league where all players are in the same country. The five major leagues continue to show positive positives for the new crown. It is still difficult to predict what the aftermath of the national team game will be. The German away game against Ukraine also allowed more than 20,000 spectators to enter the arena, and the Bild reported crazy.


   But the most tangled point is actually the schedule and the density of the game. Even if the players face unspeakable pressure of the game, even if similar national team games are not popular, as the most embarrassing existence of the national team under the epidemic, the "premium match" must be played.


   Under the impact of the epidemic, the suspension of national team matches is actually much longer than club matches. The European Cup has been postponed, but you can't get it done. Fast forward from the end of 2019 to the summer of 2021, right? You can watch the European Cup without watching the UEFA Nations League, but the coaches of various countries have to prepare for the game. No one is watching the qualifiers or warm-up matches, but it must exist.


Teams must adapt their lineups and tactics. You can also see the high-frequency formation and personnel changes in the UEFA Europa League matches; it is also important to hurry up and inspect the newcomers. Popular players who are in good shape in the league must always be given the opportunity to come to the national team to debug Right? The national team seems to have few games in a year, but it is really more pressured than the club to "rush to work" after the epidemic.


   Although it seems embarrassing and there are risks, it is not realistic to want to cancel the national team matches completely during the epidemic. If you don't give a chance to debug, you can directly transition to the 2021 European Cup. God knows what the game will be like. Since you still have to play, the balance between the club and the national team is more critical than ever, and the players caught in the middle can only bite the bullet.


   In this way, the original European League, which was relatively weak in terms of competition, has completely reduced to a running-in lineup event. It is hard to imagine that there will be a fierce competition for qualifying at the end of 2020 as at the end of 2018. Van Dijk tied Germany and sent the Netherlands to the semi-finals, Switzerland miraculously reversed Belgium, and England returned from relegation and sent Croatia to relegation-these can be said to be impossible to count on.

这样,在竞争方面相对较弱的原始欧洲联盟亚愽游戏网页已完全减少为参加比赛的队伍。很难想象,到2018年底,到2020年底将有一场激烈的排位赛。范·迪克(Van Dijk)将德国并入半决赛,瑞士奇迹般地逆转了比利时,英格兰从保级降级并把克罗地亚带到了保级区-可以说这是不可能的。

   For fans who are basically more concerned about club events, whether the important players of the home team can withstand the super high load of continuous rotation is a much more critical issue than the result of the national team. After Kane and Lewandre suffered varying degrees of injuries in the national team, Tottenham and Bayern fans must have thought of their team’s next league and Champions League journey. Fortunately, the two teams still have plans.


   As many people in the industry have said, the impact of the epidemic on football matches may only be more obvious this season, and it is destined to be an extremely extraordinary special season. Will there be a surge of injuries after this wave of national team match days? How will the new crown virus affect teams and events? Everything is really unknown. Under such a schedule and environment, the internationals are really not easy.


   At least, until Christmas, the internationals will always be in a non-stop mode.


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