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亚愽游戏网页_鲁能近阶段或不再引外教 郝伟接手有望打份"长工"
发布时间:2021-10-11 01:56:01

   After years of training, Hao Wei's ability to govern the army is beyond doubt. (Expansion piece) issued by Xinhua News Agency

经过多年的训练,郝玮的执政能力毋庸置疑。 (扩充片)新华社发

   An official announcement issued by Luneng on October 5 broke the tranquility of the Shandong media and fan circles during the offseason and the double holiday. The news of Li Xiaopeng's resignation as the head coach brought to an end all previous controversies about Luneng's performance in the first stage and concerns about fighting Guo'an in the second stage. Instead, there are discussions on Li Xiaopeng, his successor Hao Wei and the future of the team.


Qilu Evening News


Reporter Ji Yu


  The intensive schedule affects the body


   The Luneng announcement showed that the reason Li Xiaopeng no longer serves as the head coach is due to physical discomfort. It seems to be an excuse, but this is indeed the main reason that Li Xiaopeng "dismissed get out of class". In the first stage of the Chinese Super League, the intensive schedule and long-term isolation had a great impact on Li Xiaopeng's physical condition. During the competition, Li Xiaopeng once had a high fever and was treated with Gua Sha on the chest and throat.


   Before the start of the league, many media predicted that player injuries this season will be worse than in previous years. The fact is that this is the case. However, Li Xiaopeng, who is known as the "marshal", also has physical problems, which everyone did not expect before the game. After all, in public perception, athletes or sports workers often have better physical qualities than ordinary people. Inconsistent with this recognition is that the guidance of Li has been weak since he was young, and he has become a professional athlete. It is not his physical fitness, but his outstanding consciousness and technique.


   As a player, Li Xiaopeng suffered from pulmonary hydrops, which almost ruined his career. In the second half of 2004, the long-term high-density competition caused him to have a continuous low fever and could not participate in the competition. Until recent years, Li Xiaopeng would take time to go to the hospital for body conditioning in the second half of the year, but this year's closed schedule has disrupted his original training and life rhythm, and body conditioning is even more difficult to talk about.

作为一名球员,李小鹏患有肺积水,这几乎毁了他的职业生涯。 2004年下半年,长期的高密度比赛导致他持续低烧,无法参加比赛。直到最近几年,李小鹏在下半年要花时间去医院进行身体调理,但是今年的休假时间表打乱了他最初的训练和生活节奏,而身体调理更是谈不上。

   In addition to physical reasons, the pressure of external public opinion is also an important reason for Li Xiaopeng's choice to resign. People familiar with the matter disclosed that the fact that extreme fans reported Li Xiaopeng to the Shandong Discipline Inspection Commission website may become the fuse for Li Xiaopeng's resignation.


  Familiar with all aspects of Luneng


   After class, Li Xiaopeng was changed to the deputy general manager and technical director of Luneng Club. Hao Wei, the former assistant coach and technical director of Luneng, took over the coach. From the team level alone, this job adjustment is an exchange of identities between the two sides.


   Hao Weixiao Li Xiaopeng is one year old. In 2009, he served as the acting head coach of Changsha Jinde and became the youngest head coach of the Super League. Since then, he has served as the acting head coach of the Chinese women's football team and the head coach of the Chinese women's football team. In 2015, he officially joined the Guangzhou Evergrande Club as the Chinese coach. During his coaching career, he studied beside more than one famous coach in the world, and guided Li as a new generation of local coaches trained by the club and the national team.

郝维孝李小鹏今年一岁。 2009年,他担任长沙金德代理总教练,成为中超最年轻的主教练。从那时起,他一直担任中国女子足球队的代理主教练和中国女子足球队的主教练。 2015年,他正式加入广州恒大俱乐部,担任中国教练。在他的教练生涯中,他在世界上不止一位著名教练旁边学习,并以俱乐部和国家队训练的新一代本地教练的身份指导了李。

   As Li Xiaopeng's right-hand man and work partner for many years, Hao Wei is very familiar with the Luneng lineup structure and has experience in leading the team alone. Based on Hao Wei's knowledge of the club and the team, it would be more appropriate to choose Hao Wei to take over as the head coach when the second stage is about to start.


   In 2019, Hao Wei served as the head coach of the National Olympics, which also means that he has a better understanding of the situation of young Luneng players. Duan Liuyu, Tian Xin, and Huang Cong were all his favorites when he coached the Olympic Games. According to the German transfer website, Huang Cong has already reported to enter the team's second-stage roster. Under Hao Wei, there may be more young people getting the chance to play.


   Luneng may have no foreign handsome recently


   The Luneng announcement also stated that the team will strengthen the selection of local coaches and increase the training of Chinese football talents. This probably means that Luneng will no longer introduce foreign coaches in the recent development stage. Since Kim Jong-nam joined the team in 1998, Luneng opened the door to foreign coaches. In 2017, the team coach Magath is currently Luneng’s last foreign teacher.

鲁能公告还表示,该队将加强对当地教练的选择,并增加对中国足球人才的训练。这可能意味着鲁能在最近的发展阶段将不再引进外国教练。自从金钟南(Kim Jong-nam)1998年加入车队以来,鲁能为外国教练打开了大门。 2017年,团队教练马加特(Magath)是鲁能的最后一位外籍老师。

   Affected by the epidemic, the proportion of local coaches in the Super League teams has reached a new high in recent years. In the first stage, Luneng Li Xiaopeng, China Fortune Xie Feng, Qingdao Huanghai Wu Jingui and Tianjin TEDA Wang Baoshan are all local coaches. Henan Jianye’s Chinese coaching team leader Yang Ji and Shenzhen Kaisa’s acting head coach Zhang Xiaorui also participated in the team’s coaching. jobs. But unfortunately, except for Luneng Taishan and China Fortune, none of the other teams led by the local coach entered the championship group.


   There are more local coaches, but their embarrassing status as a "fire coach" has not changed. Both Wu Jingui and Wang Baoshan took over in the match. The teams of Yang Ji and Zhang Xiaorui have also found "genuine" foreign teachers. China Fortune's coach Xie Feng also turned into a regular post last season after he was in danger. It can be said that in the special stage when it is not easy for foreign teachers to come to China and the schedule is intensive, with the exception of Li Xiaopeng, the other local commanders are inseparable from the word "fire fighting".


   It is understood that after Li Xiaopeng proposed to resign, Hao Wei was willing to take over Luneng Shuaiqi after repeated communication with the club's senior management. The question of whether he was a "day-time worker" or a "long-term worker" also received attention. Judging from the statement of the club, the use of local coaches has become a requirement for the team in recent years. As a representative of an excellent local coach, it may be difficult for other local coaches to shake Hao Wei's position as coach, but whether he can secure his position as coach for a long time depends on the results of the second stage of the Super League and the FA Cup.


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